Nain diary children

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Enfants de journal intime de Nain

Дети дневника Nain

Παιδιά ημερολογίων Nain

De agendakinderen van Nain

Nain 日誌孩子

Nain 日志孩子

Nain일기 아이들

Nain 日記の子供

Ni�os del diario de Nain

Crian�as do di�rio de Nain

Bambini del diario di Nain

Nain Tagebuchkinder

Nain Tagebuchkinder

Friday, March 17, 2006

Les enfants de journal de Nain

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sarah & Lea Lidd & Dina Harris

HTTP://PORTHOPESIMPSON.BLOGSPOT.COM ORAL HISTORY as recalled by Mrs. Kathleen Mina Squire (formerly James, known as Bunty James) interviewee, who lived in Port Hope Simpson in 1935 as a guest of her life-long friend, Katie Doreen Williams, daughter of J. O. Williams. Interviewed by Llewelyn Pritchard in the company of John (grandson of J.O. Williams) and Sheila Illsley;11 January 2003

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Young Boys' Day

Winters' children

Willie Barbour & Sam with BB guns

Willie Barbour, Maud White

Water fetching - Sophie & Pat Ford, George Lyall

Three Barbour children

Tabea Murphy with Sharon, RCMP house

Rosina Kalleo, grade seven

Penney & children on mission steps

Mary Sillett with Kindergarten on day of RCMP Christmas drop

Mary Okkuatsiak & Bertha Kairtok by Martin Hall

Mary & Clara Hay see saw , DNLA behind

Lovey Lidd & Gordon Obed on school steps

Luce Joshua Jacj Paulus Brown Eiche Henoch by power house Feb 66

Lovey Lid-Aggek, grade four

Lea Brait, Pauline & Maud White, Elizabeth Metcalfe, Jessie Lyall, Jean

Kindergarten children by church

Kindergarten Tuesday afternoon walk

Kindergarten by mission steps

Juliana Hay & Lianne Carpenter, RCMP house

John Townley & friends with my gun in the woods

John Townley, grade three by hospital

Johanna Brait Lea Brait by mission gate

Joe Webb chopping wood, Haynes' store behind

Joe & Sam Dicker, hole in wharfe

Harriot Fox & baby

Girls by Winters' house

Eugenia Henoche & Susie Green

Evelyn Kenneth & Frank Dicker with Rhoda Atsatata

Elizabeth Metcalfe Eiche

Edienne & Ama by the church

David & Kenneth Dicker, Jan 66

Church from DNLA Store - Amma Harris with my bag

Aunty Katie with Jane Andersen, Gordon Voisey & Lewis Ford outside school

Amos Atsatata on the wharfe

Amma Harris, Sept 65

Ama Harris, son of David

Alec Sem Lewis David Amos Joshua Middle Path

Abia Obed, Joshua Jack, Freeman Dicker & George Hay